We are trying to create the Community Talent Center

Hello Welly Dog DAO,

Today in the office we discussed the idea of creating a “cantera” for our project. The cantera will be a section dedicated to discovering and integrating talents from our community. We have divided it into various sectors: artists including graphic designers, 2D and 3D animators, 2D and 3D illustrators, developers, Excel experts, marketers, degen, and anything else you would like to propose to us. We invite you to leave a brief description of your skills and how you would like to help us in the comments. Afterwards, we will use tickets in our Discord channel to continue the selection process. Our goal is to integrate those who propose themselves into chats with the core team to talk, propose, etc. Of course, people will be selected step by step by the core team and the current Discord team. We will start gradually and hope to eventually integrate everyone. We are excited to integrate the community more and more and can’t wait to see what results we can achieve together.

We welcome any ideas or suggestions for a fitting name for this area dedicated to discovering and integrating talents from our community


Oh, this is a great idea!


Hi , would be nice to be part of some influencer marketing for Welly for Italy.
Welly memebers Contact me,

where is the ticket in your discord?


Always a Great Idea to utilize people from the project community to work as a Team to solve problems and create New pathways. “Welly Think Tank”.


open work-with-welly ticket please :slight_smile:
you can also ask any moderator for direction


Amazing idea, LFG I also believe this will bring more to our community.

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Great idea. I am a software engineer and can help out when needed.