Proposal for Participation in NFT PARIS Event

Hey Pb5 , wanted to ask if we get the Logo done till then, would not look good to change the logo afterwards or? I think it would confuse the people.

Second is an idea to represent you at NFTParis

You can rebuild a WellyStore which fits in the choosen squaremeters, may just two tables and some seats and recreate the atmosphere a bit with light, you could moderate from there, invite Guests to sit down and get some feedback and talk with the Guests eye in eye and show the same time the design and make the people familiar with it


This was on my mind also. Haha. Create ambient of the Welly store. So exclusive.


Also wanted to say i would very welcome that in the case we drive to Paris Cocco and Enzo is at the Team, we have seen they are like brothers, a Family , also Enzo as the artist himself would be unique , also Cocco as he is a great speaker and we know the girls will falling in love with him!
They made together a Party on Twitch on 2 m² and we enjoined it, imagine this two on 12m²

Yes, exactly what I was thinking - Have the space set up as a welly Restaurant in miniature. That would be eye-catching to say the least. Awesome idea.

Also, it would be cool to 3D print som Welly Collectibles for the event to display.

Another idea I have is that we should have a song, or at least a “Jingle” for Wellys.
I’ve seen other projects have that.
We could do a contest with artists recording a Jingle or a song, and have a voting for a winner.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have that play at the space for this event?


Just got the news about the shortcomings of votes. Disappointing news.

Next time, maybe we should have the last day of voting set on a weekend, and not in the middle of the week.
During Mon-Fri most of us have a 9-5 and other obligations, and we might miss out on participating in the voting.
At least that was the situation in my case…
Was going to vote on Saturday, just to find out I was “late to the party”.

Just an idea. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


What is going on with NFT Paris?
Is the organization going to give the almost 50% discount for sq footage?
At this rate I would say it is a NO all the way around correct?
30 days until the event. Not a lot of time.
Thanks Xin in advance for the quick response. - David