Proposal for Participation in NFT PARIS Event

Dear community members,

I am writing to propose our participation in the NFT PARIS event (, which will take place at the iconic location under the Eiffel Tower and is expected to attract 15,000 attendees. This event will feature ambassadors, speakers, and brands from around the world, making it a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and potential partners.

For our team, it is essential to participate in events like this in order to meet new franchisors and potentially secure funding rounds. Participating in the NFT PARIS event will bring many benefits to our project, including increased awareness, new investors, increased volume traded, and increased visibility. It will also provide us with the opportunity to introduce our project to niches that may not yet be aware of it, and to potentially close franchises at our stand.

We have identified three options for our company’s stand at the event:

  1. 12 square meter stand, at a price of 40k (price includes setup in euro)
  2. 24 square meter stand, at a price of 80k (price includes setup in euro)
  3. 50 square meter stand, at a price of 120k (we believe this option is too expensive for us)

Our current net budget, after addressing expenses (such as Masquespacio, Flynn Mcgarry, 3d artists, devs team, marketing team, contracts for franchise development, Doggy DAO etc), is 250k. We believe it is up to you to decide whether we should participate in this event and, if so, which stand option to choose.

We believe that participation in the NFT PARIS event, with its expected audience of 15,000 people, renowned location, and diverse group of ambassadors, speakers, and brands, will provide numerous benefits to our project and would be a valuable investment. We welcome your feedback and are available to answer any questions or provide further clarification

voting are now open on Snapshot


This sounds like a good idea to me! WellyFriends could gain a lot from participating.
What would be the advantages of sending more money for a bigger space? Please tell us what the spaces of each size would consist of, so we can figure out what’s the best option. Thanks for always working hard for all of us holders!


Correct me if anyone thinks im wrong, but we dont need a big venue. We should vote for the smallest one.


I see no reason to not attend. Seems like a good way of advertising/outreach beyond the current community. I too would like to know what would be the set-up for a 40 sq m stand as opposed to an 80 sq m stand. Is there any real reason to spend the extra 40k if it’s not entirely necessary?


I don’t like the sound of more funding rounds because that means we, as current investors, will get diluted, unless Welly’s carries more debt.

Also, I am concerned about the extravagant prices to set up a booth; the prices seem way to high

However, I do like the idea of increasing our exposure to other people in a very sophisticated location.

I feel like this’ll be a good opportunity if you guys commit wholeheartedly; else, if you have other financial priorities or obligations, please do not incur the expense.


I am waiting long for such an opportunity! LfG!!
Its near to London so i see there much potential!!
I dont know what we have to show there, may this help with the decision?


Bullish! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Spontaneously I’m thinking it’s a good idea to be there, participate and spread the word. No doubt.

What would be the benefit of a bigger space?


40-120K for a booth. What other expenses are you anticipating? What is your anticipated total expenditure for the trip? That would include travel, lodging, incidentals, any materials that need to be secured to be displayed at the booth, and any materials that are designed as SWAG for event attendees. In total what would you expect attending to bring the total remaining budget down to depending on the various options being chosen?

1 Euro equals 1.06 UDS at the current rate. Having done some large festivals and booths I believe the average total for a smaller booth with all expenses usually costs $20-40k for everything included for a team of 5 for 3 days. What are the anticipating numbers?

I agree about more rounds of funding. If they felt that way, they should have let us mint more Wellys

We still don’t know exactly how all the “company profits” are calculated, so if they are looking at securing more rounds of funding that is a concern.

if the DAO decides to bring Welly to Paris, we will allocate a budget of approximately 2500$ for the team’s expenses.

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So at minimum it would be approximately $43K Euro for the trip? Am I understanding it correctly?

I think the cost above are a total for the whole event. Not just paying for the booth.

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–yep at least 43k–


I agree with the 12 meter stand. It’s more about getting attention to the crowd then the size of your booth. We go to these Job fairs to hire employees. We started bringing items to hand out (cheap), after that we had a lot of people coming up to talk. You could have a drawing too. I’d be willing to donate two (2) Christmas Wellys to the givaway.


I’ve done shows like this, The wording of $40K for “X” sq meters including set up usually is the price the event organizer charges for the space. Based on my experience is doesn’t include anything but event space. Maybe it’s a wording thing, but the fact that pb5 said there was a budget of $2500 for the team it sounds as if that is simply spacing cost.

you are free to do what you think is right. we will give our best


Copy…$40k for event space (or whatever space size is chosen) + $3k staff attendance costs. Thank you. Got it.


as in life, the more you spend, the more you can do and catch people’s eye, but it is not essential


the benefits of having a larger space would be that with more space, you have a higher probability of catching the eye of a passerby, but it is not essential.