Introduce yourself - seeking Welly Representatives

Hello i am making my submission today from the east side of the US, Massachusetts. I would be more then happy to be involved in building the welly/shiba brand and scouting out any possible investors and or potential locations. My mother and father have both owned well established businesses in the area (mechanic/hair stylist) as well as starting a small construction buisness myself. My girlfriend is a manager at a high profile restaurant and has always dreamed of owning her own restaurant. I think with my resources and drive to always keep pushing forward i could be great as an ambassador for the welly community.


Hi friend. Thank you. Bookmarked :slight_smile:

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Thank you Hawk, again. Bookmarked :slight_smile:

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Amazing, to hear from you, too. Bookmarked :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much friend. Are you willing to meet some people and tell them about Welly?

Love to see the interest. Thank you all for taking time to write a little about yourselves. Keep them coming!



Im a mechanical Contractor in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

I build build and renovate restaurants and other businesses here for a living. I specialize in comercial kitchens. I lived the service industry life for 10 years before transitioning to construction. Im now a red seal Sheet Metal worker specializing in stainless steel.

Wellys caught my attention as a way to bring my love for the restaurants into my love for the Shiba Inu community.

A little bit about Winnipeg Manitoba, there’s a saying here. That is if your restaurant can make it in the competitive market of our province you will thrive across the country. Most new franchises start or quickly branch out to Manitoba when introducing themselves into the Canadian market. I am in a very unique position here in canada as i not only have the drive and knowledge of how to run a restaurant and businesses. I also have the skills and abilities to build and pull all nesisary permits for opening and obtaining occupancy in the start up.

Anyone that is interested in knowing more is free to reach out, I am a very busy human but i always have time for FRENS.

Bringing Wellys to The north American market is my goal. If i can help anyone in anyway let me know.


Lets work on it friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Atlantic Canada

Nova Scotia 1million ish people and increasing. City Halifax.

PEI 172k. City Charlottetown.

New Brunswick 815k City Fredericton/Moncton

In one picture I drew some circles. Red circle is Halifax area with biggest population. Then blue cirle with red lines would be next areas of decent traffic. Blue circle is an area where other food restaurant survive. Green circle you’re taking your chances.

I’m a carpenter
I’ve never worked in a restaurant besides during the construction.
I did work at a grocery store once upon a time.
I’m sure there’s more suitable and more qualified people for the position.
What it comes down to for me is this… If you need help I can help you. Or us, you know
I personally don’t have funding for franchise so I haven’t applied. Ever since srv broke the ice, i have been thinking about it a lot more and I do have two people in mind who I think will be interested/not hard to sell on the idea, I’ve been hesitant to bring it up with bitcoin on the down. Soon I will have that chat.


I have two locations, Oslo Norway and Chicago USA. This would be a family affair, too help Welly grow in these regions.

Let’s Go


#USA #Arizona #Phoenix here!

I don’t have any experience in sales or the restaurant industry, but I do have project and business management experience, including working with third-party vendors. Also, I’ve lived here my whole life, so I known the overall (rapidly growing) metropolitan area very well. One of my local friends is a chef and has worked in restaurant supply as well, so I could pick their brain for starters.


hi @eastcoastcody as was said in discord announcement. pls go to our discord and open collab ticket :slight_smile:

amazing. please open collab ticket in our discord server :slight_smile:

Good luck to all that apply.

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My name is Ryan. I have experience. My intent is to represent Welly in the Pacific Northwest.