Introduce yourself - seeking Welly Representatives

Today, I want to talk to you about an exciting opportunity with Welly.

As you know, we are working more and more with franchising and are meeting many potential franchisors.

We have decided that it is time to involve you, our community, in this process.
We are looking for representatives for countries such as (but not limited to) Germany, Spain, France, the UK and USA.

Those who apply for this role will need to provide us with support in their area: support for suppliers, scouting locations, and closing deals with franchisors.
These representatives will be compensated with a percentage of their work.

This is a unique opportunity to become an active part of our team and work with us to grow Welly.

We want you to tell us why we should choose you for this role. The community will then have the responsibility of selecting who will start working for us.

Please submit your nominations in this discourse. Include a brief statement of intent and list any expertise in sales or consulting. Priority will be given to members with experience in business development or sales, especially in the restaurant industry, but all requests will be considered.

Please add #country in your submission. Apply now & don’t miss this opportunity!

Thank you always for your support. We can’t wait to connect with you.


This is a great Idea, I wish i was good at sales and dealing with suppliers, as it does sound like fun. But I am not so good and Welly’s needs the best people for the job. So I wish the best people luck.


Clarify this “percentage” and the scope of work that delegates that percentage. Compensation in crypto or USD? Going to be a US 1099 independent contractor for income taxes?

You need to lay out more information on the companies part rather than just ask applicants to hand over their credientials without seeing what is up prior to that private interaction.

Thank you.


More information would be needed in order to make a valid nomination. What is the scope of work and what do you mean by being compensated with a percentage of their work?


Count me in for this one. LFG!

#USA #Texas

I would love to use my knowledge and excitement for this project to reach out to any companies/people who may have interest in Welly.
I believe my commitment and effort given to this project thus far speaks for my willingness to continue do so.
I currently travel the I35 corridor from San Antonio to the Oklahoma border. Along with all of west Texas in my normal activities.
With some normal travel East Texas as well.

I have over 10 years experience in sales and business negotiation pertaining to the electrical, data/voice, security/cctv, and HVAC/building automation sectors.

I would be honored to be selected by this amazing community to help represent Welly in its continued journey into the physical phase. Thank you for your consideration and allowing the community to have opportunities like these.


This sounds like a district manager job; meaning a salary based job.
A "percentage"would be a BONUS. Definately time commitment necessary and not a part time let alone volunteer position.


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in summary, we are looking for someone to help us develop our brand (Welly) in a specific country, chosen by the community. the selected person will act as a “master” for Welly in that country and their goal will be to find interested franchisees and offer them consulting. compensation for the work done will be established as a percentage of the profit generated by the activities undertaken.

also, this is a proposal. we want to hear from you. I bet we have very well skilled members in our community.

For now, let’s see the interest. Looking forward into it.

@PeaceMakerJnett @DictatorFurry


Is there a section with more details?

What are the anticipated areas of operation?

What is the expected time committment?

Is travel optional or mandatory, and if so how it is paid for?

Thank you-


100% Commision. Gotcha.
Why no outline?
This is what we need and here is how we plan to compensate.
Cut and dry.
Or perhaps this is just to test the waters on to see how many are interested.

I am regional manager of a restaurant food supplier. One brother is a salesman for another vendor specializing in Higher-End products, Third brother is a executive Chef. Finally my fourth brother is a Disribution manager at a produce wholesaler.



yes, as I said, we r looking for interest…for sure. but it is meant seriously. after we get some submissions we can go forward with all other details.


there is no section with more information yet.

I can not say what is the expected time commitment, as it is up to you. I f you are good in sales and you are able to be welly representative, it is up to your effort as per earnings.

Travel. Wen you will use all possibilities in your location where you dont need to travel, you will be in need to travel if you wanna grow.

I am unable to say any numbers yet, as it is something to test the ground.

It would be amazing to go to streets and help the project to grow.



Please accept this as an official submission of Interest for the US Region, specifically California.

I have experience in restaraunt management prior to a 30 year career in Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, Teaching, and Nursing.

I retired from that career in 2018, and currently do private executive protection for the owner of a global wine company.


Thank you. Bookmarked :slight_smile:

Thank you. Bookmarked :slight_smile:

Okay now you are talking about travel too. But stil no details from the WELLY’s side on compensation. Par for the course, Thank you.

Just remember you are not going to get quality individuals with this piece meal informal information grab.

When your people get their shit together I recommend using a head hunter to find your candidates, It is costly but you get quality,

Take care xin -

Sincerley Travis Bickle


Thank you for your inputs. Appriciate it.

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amazing @srv_littlewing1 :slight_smile:

Also…what a destiny…highlighted map looks like Italy :slight_smile:

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Calgary Alberta Canada and the surrounding Southern Alberta area. Count me in Xin

I have a love and willingness to help bring Wellys to Canada. I work at the airport and I meet a lot of people. I have worked in food or customer service all my life. I have a decade of Call Center experience so talking to people comes naturally. You also know about my Shib the MV project and how I have helped make something from nothing, with people who have decided to dedicate their time for free to a cause they believe in.


You have all my info. But I will show the locations I am interested in.
Lubbock, Texas The Home of Texas Tech Univ.
The population of 264,000.
Google Fast Food in Lubbock.
Chick filet, Five Guys, Raising Cane, Mcdonald’s, Sonic, etc

Amarillo, Texas
Population 203,000 with a growth of .50 annually.


When shiba takes off I’ll build one in Las Vegas NV that being said. I live in Las Vegas Nevada so if you have any prospective here I’ll do my best to help. I do have a day time job. I am good at inventory management and maintaining and adjusting stock to meet demands. I have work for retail chains and Kraft foods / Nabisco. Currently am a service estimate for a national chain for doing repairs on industrial equipment. I have to identify and locate hard to get parts or aftermarket substitution. Just a simple guy.