Evaluation of the Christmas Initiative and Proposals for the Future

Dear Welly holders
first of all, we want to thank you for participating in the initiative we organized for you at Christmas. We hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourselves.

In this regard, we would like to know if you would like to see similar initiatives in future holidays. We are always looking for ways to engage and entertain our community, so we would be happy to organize more activities if you think they would be suitable.

Furthermore, we would be very interested to know your thoughts on the Christmas initiative. What did you like most? What could we do better in the future? We are always open to receiving constructive suggestions and criticism, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

Finally, we would like to hear your proposals for future initiatives. We believe it is important to involve the community in the planning of events and activities, so we are eager to hear your ideas and work together to create new opportunities for fun and engagement.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for giving us your valuable feedback. We are always happy to receive the feedback of our community and work together to make our initiatives even better.


Thanks-a-Lot to everyone for making this happen! I didn’t win, but I had a lot of fun with my frens! I look forward to seeing what’s next for all of us in WellyFriends.


I had a great and fun time. I would just like to see clear memo explaining how the game works in the discord or on the website


Excellent event with great energy. Definitely should have more events in the future.

Just one suggestion - to keep it to 2 hours max as quite a few people had to go to work or to bed.

Maybe consider reusing the issued cards for next events as well?
Those that want to have a bigger chance to win - will buy even more tickets next time.
But all will be able to participate and it will grow the number of individual participants in each subsequent game thus bringing greater adoption and promotion opportunities.


Was a funny animation!
Perhaps write somewhere on the stream what the current prize is. Would give more excitement as we follow the numbers coming


It was an amazing event. Definitely give me a chance to breath from my 80+ hour a week (j)ust.(o)ver.(b)roke. I wish to see more events like this. I love my Welly Fam. Peace!!


Definetly had lots of fun. We should absolutely do more in the future :smiley:


It was a lot of fun. Thank you for putting on this event. It would be great to explain how these funds are used for future events. This needs to become a tradition.


Maybe create a charitable event with 1/2 the money. Just an Idea.


I had fun! However, the events should be carried out quickly and efficiently as I have other things to do.


Welly executed event with so much energy and hype! Kudos to the Welly team for implementing this exciting Tombola game using blockchain, fantastic idea!

Looking forward to more such events to engage the community and for more people to know more about Welly and the positive changes the team is bring to F&B industry.


I really enjoyed the Tombola!! First time playing.

Small suggestions - have 2 board printed out (one w/ 5 in a row highlighted & one w/ Tombola highlighted) - so when you announce which game we’re on you could hold up the card with the example “win”.

Also please :pleading_face: don’t reuse the Santa Welly designs in future games. It would be fun if each year you could get a different Santa Welly (or if game was played at other holidays each play through should have it’s own special art that is only from that game)… This would encourage “collecting” of the event Welly art & make it more special

It would also have helped avoid confusion if someone had posted an announcement in the discord with winner #s as each game ended.

You all & team did an incredible job hosting a one of a kind event! These are just small ideas in hindsight looking at some of the questions that kept coming up during the game :video_game:

Thanks again for a great day :tada:


Hey frens!
First thanks for this Event!
It have been amazing, but it have been very long what i am enjoyed, but i have seen some other not so much, so i have a suggestion for the Story :
Just give the Community the right direction of the numbers and the meaning and let the Community write a Story and let them vote about the best story, would be involve the Community more and would make things faster.
Second: I love the Web3 work, update the Metadata on the Tickets in Realtime have been fantastic work, a big big applause to be so brave and make this possible in a Live session! Bravo Bravo Bravo
Third: My Suggestion for the next Ticketsale:
Open the Mint for the next Ticketsale not just for Welly OG holder, but also holder from a Santa Welly.
At the next Tombola you can also mint with the new Collections then, so you are be able to mint as OG holder and as holder from the previous Tombola.
This way it make sense to gift them cause we give them a Utility, and our audience will grow every time.
Also we can bring some demand on the Santa Wellys before the next Tombola ( or another Game) starts this way.


Hi Family!

My Wife and I had a Great time at Tombola yesterday. Sharing the tradition was such a Great idea! I think the only problem we ourselves encountered was confusion about how many of the Special Santa’s were minted. We thought there was 10 and that one would be given with one of the 10 Welly nft purchases that were made from OS. Apparently that was not the case and it is really no big deal to us. I think for the first time this was a success and will only get better in the future as communications improve.

The Santa nfts we received will serve as an Awesome memory of our first year here. Should there be other initiatives during holidays or? I think Christmas is and should be a must now that it has been done. I could be ok with one or maybe another toward the middle of the year. The Team did a Great Job putting this together and really it went without problems. Pretty impressive, especially the web3 work and automatic number marking on the tickets as they were drawn. Could of went a little bit quicker but all in all it was a “Blast!”.


Remember, we have in June a Bitthdayparty, its in the middle of the year, would be great💝


It was a great idea and well organised by the devs. Big compliment!
Make it a little shorter next time but keep the amazing party - family atmosphere!


A pure intention and a nice memory

First of all, I want to pay tribute to our DEVs. This Tombola game was FIRE.

The technical side of the game was managed beyond my expectations, and I had really high ones. But this night full of fun only showed me how very smart and clever people we have next to us.

The artistic side took my breath away. Yes, we have more opinions in the community. Some say that the tickets could have been changed to more than one type of image. Others are satisfied and, quite simply, enjoyed it.

I look at this game the same way you buy a Christmas themed lottery ticket at a store. Everyone (winners and losers) will be left with the same piece of paper.
But we are left with a beautiful memory that we can even send to friends, family, etc.

I thought about this post for a long time. And I have to say that thanks to the tickets we have left, we can increase the knowledge of our close surroundings about the wonderful world of NFTs.
I will definitely use this opportunity (only for the price of GAS) and I know of several people to whom I will send a few non-winning but beautiful tickets as a gift, a memory and especially an introductory ticket to the world of Web3 and especially NFT.

So, it is always and always will be about point of view.

Thank you Welly Team, the future is more certain with you.

In conclusion, let me ask a question :slight_smile:

Are you going to gift some of your Tickets?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I want to keep them all

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I loved the event! It was a great time to increase communication, share Welly with those inside and outside of the community, and learn new cultures & holiday traditions.

The Twitch was hilarious! Cocco and Enzo kept it lively and fun, and I enjoyed chatting with members during the event. The devs knocked it out of the part in setting up the automatic reveal and winner announcements. That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile! I will try to do a better job next time of recording the winning numbers & communicating through socials to limit confusion. Sorry, everyone! Too caught up th the fun :upside_down_face:

Art was amazing, as always. Only suggestion I have is to mix a few different NFT designs in, if possible, to encourage higher ticket sales. Overall, amazing event that generated a lot of excitement & fun. We should definitely do it again next year! Thank you, Welly Team!


Great work imo. The card live sorting was top notch. Very well ran game. For many if us being first time players it could and would have been very confusing with the live sorting idea. Super fun and would love to see many more fun things to bring the family closer.


I really enjoyed our Tombola Christmas game! First time playing this game, but the support through eatwellys.com by auto refreshing your cards after every draw made it easy. Coco & Enzo had me laughing a lot and even called out a few of my comments in chat, which made me feel like i was part of the Welly family. It was great chatting with everyone else too! Looking forward to more time with my Welly Family :heart_eyes: