[D.O.G. #2] Seating design


  • Every restaurant owner knows that the success of a business related to gastronomy depends on many factors. If you have been in business for a long time, it may be time to reconsider the appearance of your premises. Here are some of the suggestions from which you can choose restaurant furniture.

By choosing the right dining chairs that fit into the modern design, you can win new guests.

  1. Bar stools are more than just seating arrangements in the bars. The bar stool reflects style and personality in any place. In addition to other facilities, your guests can understand the unique concept that your restaurant offers. Importance should be given to make them with high-quality materials and very comfortable to ensure the sitting experience to be very pleasant.

  2. Slipper chairs are popular for their comfort and the right restaurant furniture that cannot be missing. They are ideal if you run a lounge or nightclub. Your guests will feel comfortable and be happy to spend more time in your establishment, which will lead to increased sale.


  • Restaurant seating is a major component of your concept. You’re setting the scene for dining and by doing so position yourself apart from the competition, but it’s not just about aesthetics.

When choosing furniture, think about the long-term plans and goals of your business. Seating is one of the biggest aspects of your interior. Important things to consider: comfort, style, color, material and even small details like paintings.

  • Choose a layout that leaves enough space between tables and plenty of room to pass between them. Make sure there is enough space between the tables and enough space behind the chairs so that guests can enjoy their meal with some privacy and comfort.


How to solve this problem? Simply consider who are your guests and what they expect when they come to your restaurant. If you are a fast food restaurant, your seating will probably lean more towards practicality. Of course, the ideal seat is one that is stylish, comfortable and practical, all in one.

Daily cleaning and maintenance of your restaurant is very important & is essential to make your establishment a successful one.

The ease of cleaning is another factor to consider while choosing the right set of chairs for your restaurant.

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I see this as the workers sight and take a look for easy cleaning. Imagine you have 30 Barstools and they have to get cleaned after every Guest.
If your Employers need 2 minutes for one Barstool one need 60 minutes.
Also after a time they will not get cleaned like they should if its to clomplicated, alsonour workers should love their work and dont get pissed from cleaning chairs, even thats the Job.
On the Slipperychairs i see this practicable, when you clean the floor and you have option 1 or 3 you will take daily damadge while wetting the floor.
Also in my oppinion a chair with 2 Pads is totally unhygenic, especially Kids have their Fingers always inside this Gap’s, with Ketchup, fries, may a Chocolate cake😱
This are my thoughts, thats why i will vote


The seating of a restaurant is a very important visual and physical decision. Having a delicate balance between the customer being comfortable and the business being efficient is essential. For these reasons I will vote B1. Thank you for this proposal.


Thanks, this helped me to decide on A instead of C


I also prefer B1.
B is the safest option for the children to be able to climb on themselves and sit without parents having to worry of them falling off (the backrest and foot-stand ensure that). Both other options will ensure that this seating area is out of limits for families with kids - and if all family-friendly places are taken already - it may present a problem.

For the chair I like 1 because it looks the most comfortable. Having a plastic layer outside (like in 2 or 3) can lead to plastic digging into the skin and as DaBuchi said - having several layers is less hygienic as stuff will get stuck in-between and it is much harder to clean those crevices.


A2 looks lit
my favorite so far


Well put, I agree entirely.


I did C2

Bar stool is thin, so less dirt from the boots. And slipper chair looks very cool for cleaning. 1st slipper chair…will be demaged very soon. Same for 3rd. So middle one is compact and easy to clean. With no corners and not from 2 pieces (which is making sounds after some time of usage).


I am with you buddy, just finished my voting


I’m torn between A & C. I like the look of C, but afraid the size & thinner base might be uncomfortable & easily broken. So I guess it’s A2 for me. Easy clean chair FTW. We can’t go wrong with any, though!


A 2 ottima scelta ,mi piace molto quello stile

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I like the bar stools with the back rest and foot rests. I do not like the thought of cleaning them. People come in with wet muddy boots. Now you are cleaning the floor, and bending over to clean all those foot bars… :expressionless:

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I will choose C1. You can implement a policy to not allow kids to sit at a bar stool or having something posted to where the restaurant is not held liable. Option c is skinny & matches the interior design, plus it will be easy to clean. Seat #1 is the most aesthetically pleasing and as long as it is one solid peace (meaning they can seal up the crevices) it won’t be that hard to clean either.
C1=C-lite for high & bright welly design


I agree.

I think B is the best stool as it’d be the most comfortable with back and foot support. It also has that green light which matches the green light section of the restaurant. We need to have orange lights for the stools and chairs on the orange side.

I also think 1 is the best chair as again I think it has the light to match with the stool and the section. It’s also the one that would take up the least amount of space which means more seats which means more customers will be able to be in our reaturants at the same time. All franchises will use the ones that win the DOG, but I’d like to see an option for them to add a few of the other chairs maybe if one location has a lot of space. I’ve been in reaturants and coffee shops that have bench seating, hard wooden chairs and then other bigger, more comfortable chairs spread out, again depending on the size of the location.

I like all of the designs and it’s a little difficult to make a decision without seeing the seats irl or a real-life model of one with an actual person walking up to it and sitting in it, but I think B1 is the best option from the pictures and everything we discussed in the Discord.


Yes, but think about it from the customers’ perspective. They’re coming to relax. Cleaning will be an ongoing duty regardless of the chairs and stools we choose, but we need to choose things that appeal to customers who are coming to enjoy their time at WellyFriends restaurants. I’d rather sit on stool B, especially with the backrest.


Cleaning will be a concern regardless of the chairs and stools we choose. I like having a comfortable seat and good spacing wen I go out to eat.
Stool B looks to be the most comfortable to me with the back rest and chair 1 looks to be the most comfortable and takes up the least amount of space allowing there to be a good amount of space between tables.
I like all of the choices, but I’m going to B1.


I choose A1. sometimes the steel piple with B can hurt people.

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