ABOUT COLORS - description of some of them

The perception of colors depends to some extent on people’s origin, age, gender and even their health. It is also important to note that color perception changes throughout life. Bright colors are preferred by younger people, while older people surround themselves with more muted shades.

We divide colors into warm (red, orange, yellow and their combinations) and cold (green, blue, purple), which have a calming and relaxing effect on a person. Warm colors are the colors of fire, autumn, they are energetic, spirited and positive.

Red – has an irritating and stimulating effect, radiates activity and dynamism. It is a symbol of strength, fire or power. It represents passion, love, excitement, but also anger and aggression. It is often used in restaurant logos, food related logos and entertainment industry logos (Coca Cola, Red Bull, YouTube, Ferrari, KFC, Cannon…).

Yellow – the color of optimism, the color of the sun. It evokes wealth, gold, relieves depression, induces good mood and pleasure. It is the color of hope, peace, curiosity and balance, as well as freshness. (such as McDonald’s, UPS, …)

Orange - a cheerful color full of optimism, guarantee, happiness, success, but also hope. It radiates openness, has an activating effect (encourages action). Everyone notices her. With this color, the brand sends the message that it has no problem being the center of attention. (examples are Fanta, Amazon, Orange, Harley Davidson,…)

Green – represents growth. It is a sign of balance, peace, freshness, friendliness, life, harmony, relaxation, but also money, wealth and abundance. They use it e.g. environmental companies, food chains, pharmacies.

Blue - evokes reliability, professionalism and calms. It is the color of many financial and technological institutions. A good example is e.g. Dell, IBM, Allianz, OVB,…). It is the color of wisdom, stability, health, seriousness…

Turquoise - the color of friendship and affection. It has a positive effect on our organism, strengthens creativity, self-confidence, imagination and spontaneity. It creates a feeling of pleasant atmosphere, peace and well-being.

Purple - royal color. It evokes a feeling of grandeur, power, but also mystery, magic and spirituality. It can activate the customer’s imagination and desire to try something new. It is associated with sensuality and refinement.

Pink - is considered the color of friendship, peace, happiness and well-being. It is considered the color of love, inner purity and compassion. It is also referred to as the color of the heart. It has an excellent effect against anger and loneliness. It is preferred by people with inclinations towards romance and aesthetics.

Brown - represents traditions, countryside, wood, utility, durability, responsibility, simplicity and naturalness.

Gray - is a neutral color. It can have signs of innovativeness, safety, improvement, a view of the future. It is also a timeless color, conscientious and inspires respect and professionalism. (e.g. Apple, Honda, Wikipedia…)

Black - people often associate it with professionalism, authority, strength and elegance. For simplicity, many companies and newspapers use a combination of white and black.

Understanding the effect of colors when building a brand can significantly help you in business.


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That is a great share! We changed our logo about 20 years ago. We hired an outside consultant to help and the result was red lettering and Nike similar swoosh. Since we service the food industry the red coloring selection follows your article.